Strive Financial Literacy

Grow Your Money Skills®

Because developing smart financial habits at a young age often helps build a brighter financial future, NBT Bank offers its Strive® financial literacy program. Strive is a source for learning and inspiration to help kids, teens and young adults establish a positive relationship with money and navigate personal finances as their financial needs mature.

Take an Active Role

NBT Bank believes that everyone plays a part in building a strong financial future for our communities. NBT Bank has developed resources specifically to help parents and educators take an active role in supporting our area's youth on their journey to financial independence.

As a part of our Strive program efforts, NBT Bank offers comprehensive financial literacy curriculum available to all local school districts and colleges for classroom-based education.

Put Learning into Practice

To help put their learning into practice, NBT Bank offers its iStrive® banking for youth and young adults. iStrive is a unique line of banking products built specifically to support kids, teens and young adults as they gain first-hand experience managing their money. iStrive delivers checking, savings, debit and credit products that are designed to grow with their individual needs.


Learning to Save
KIDS: Have fun discovering and learning about the value of money and how the world uses it every day.

TEENS: Learn about the basics of banking to help you start developing money management skills.

YOUNG ADULTS: Apply your financial knowledge to set you on the path to achieving financial independence.

For Parents
Help your kids build their money management skills

For Educators
Take advantage of our Strive Financial Literacy Program

Products and Services for Youth and Young Adults.