Youth & Young Adults

Grow Your Money Skills®

iStrive® Products and Services

iStrive with NBT Bank is a s suite of products and services designed specifically to help kids, teens and young adults develop strong money management skills. From infancy through age 24, iStrive products are designed to grow with youth and young adults and ultimately help them gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve financial independence.

Credit Card Options

As you get older and your financial needs grow, credit will be an important component of how financial institutions review your financial fitness and stability. Much like your reputation, credit is something that must be earned and well maintained. Start building your credit history early to help you learn how to manage it as a resource and put you on a strong path to reaching your financial goals.

NBT Bank offers credit options that can act as building blocks toward establishing a credit history.

Strive® Financial Literacy Program

To help youth and young adults bank while they learn and learn while they bank, NBT offers our Strive Financial Literacy Program. Take advantage of our complete offering of online learning tools to help guide decision-making and learning as financial needs grow. In addition to the resources for self-guided learning, NBT also offers information and resources to help parents, employers and educators encourage the development of money management skills and preparation for the future.   

iStrive Savings
Start building your saving skills early to help you reach your goals.

iStrive Checking
An account built for young adults up to age 24.

iStrive Debit
Conveniently and securely access your money and complete transactions.

Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan
Support your higher educations goals.

Credit Card Options
Start building your credit with a secure credit card option.

For Educators
Take advantage of our Strive Financial Literacy Program

Strive Financial Literacy
Grow your money skills with some helpful tips built to help you succeed.